Research and Consultation

IntegrityConsulting Group will host a creative and technical discovery session. A typical outcome of the session is a flow chart of the structural navigation or infrastructure, a creative brief outlining colors, visual effects, photography, and overall look and feel.


In the design phase, Integrity Consulting Group will utilize assets and discovery from the research phase to create a graphical user interface (GUI), a network infrastructure design and a business logic model. By identifying and defining needs and expectations up front, the final product is sure to be a success.


Once the Research and Design phases are complete and accepted, the Development phase can begin. The development phase can consist of creating the structure of a website, configuring of an internal network, or even the logic of a business application. By defining the design and logic in the design phase, the development phase is free of "guess work".


Once the "BETA" of any project is complete, Integrity Consulting Group enters the Testing phase. Whether testing functionality of a website, usability of a business application, or security and performance of a network, the testing phase ensures a successful worry free launch.

Launch & Maintenance

Upon receiving client and Integrity Consulting Group management approval, a project is then launched and prepared for maintenance. Integrity Consulting Group's experienced and professional team strives to build a quality product, and maintain it for maximum ROI.